Husband & Wife Renovating Team

Welcome to The Kelly Homestead. My husband and I love completing DIY home renovations which we share via our blog. I try to keep the posts direct and to the point with little fluff. Goal: Relay exactly how we completed the projects as simply as possible. Some blog posts include affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and purchase the product for your own project, I earn a small percentage of the sale. Using the link does not, in any way, cost you anything (no mark-up, etc). It simply helps me to pay for this website and continue providing free how-to articles. I want to stress that I ONLY include links for products I have actually used and recommend.

Additionally, I enjoy graphic design and have several online stores where the designs are sold.

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The Kelly Homestead: Shop on Zazzle marketplace that offers personalized products with camping and rustic themes.

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