Foyer Accent Floor – Chicago South Side Porcelain Brick Tile


Over the Christmas break, I convinced my husband to help me put up another wood pallet accent wall in the foyer similar to the one we created in our living room. We loved the look of it after it was completed but it really clashed with the floor. We were definitely going to replace this tile eventually, but as most of our projects go, eventually became now!

Wood accent wall clashing with old floor
Old tile floor








So here was the dilemma: do we go with hardwood like the living room and have it clash with the hardwood floor in the room adjacent to the foyer?

Hardwood in Office
Hardwood in Living Room


Kitchen Tile





Or, do we install the same tile we have in the kitchen that we really are not in love with? After brainstorming for a few days, I came across Chicago South Side Porcelain Brick Tile by Mediterranea at Avalon Flooring (links provided for your convenience – not affiliate links). This was the floor for our foyer. I really loved the South Side option because of the “whitewash over brick” look. It perfectly complimented our french country farmhouse style and would tie together the different hardwood/tile in the adjoining rooms. Another unique feature of this tile – you can choose to have “Chicago” (or the names of several different cities) engraved on a percentage of the total tile you order.

Chicago South Side Porcelain Brick Tile
Chicago South Side Porcelain Brick Tile
“Chicago Brick” engraved in tile

The following links are provided for your convenience and are not affiliate links.

We decided to do a herringbone pattern with a border and used Delorean Gray grout (Prism #165 – 17 lb). We also purchased the items below for the underlayment.

As far as tools, there are many ways to go about laying tile. We used a 7 inch wet saw, 1/4 x 3/8 x 1/4 square notch trowel, grout float, and grout sponge.

For the remainder of the room, I painted the walls Sherwin Williams Light French Gray and distressed the foyer table using chalk paint and sand paper. I purchased several decor items such as the (affiliatecoat rack, candle holders, floor mat, and light on Amazon. (Please see our decor shop for links to other items.) The mirror frame was bronze but I used chalk spray paint to change it to black.

The wood accent wall took a few hours to complete and the floor was finished in a week. We absolutely love the brick tile! It has the farmhouse/industrial look we wanted without the negative aspects of installing a regular brick floor. Time for the next DIY project!


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