AirStone Bathroom Accent Wall


I absolutely love our bathroom accent wall! After completing our living room renovation, I could not wait to jump into the guest bathroom remodel. We built a wood pallet accent wall in the living room and I wanted to do something similar in the bathroom. While browsing Pinterest, I discovered a stone veneer product called AirStone that I immediately fell in love with! Many people use the product on their fireplace; however, I thought it would work perfectly as an accent wall. After discussing our idea with a representative from AirStone, we learned that it can be used in a variety of ways: as a backsplash, accent wall, on a fireplace, bathroom tub, patio planters, outside of a house, etc. It is so versatile! (We partnered with AirStone for our project. All opinions are my own.)

AirStone is sold at Lowe’s and is available in three different color schemes: autumn mountain, spring creek, and birch bluff. Each box contains 8 sq ft of material and it is applied with an adhesive. Our wall was 3 ft x 8 ft and we used three full boxes of birch bluff and one container of adhesive. These were the tips we received from our representative regarding installation: (She also provided an instruction sheet. Did I mention how awesome this company is?!?)

  • Remove all the contents from the boxes and sort them into piles according to tone (indicated by the color on the plastic wrap).  You will notice there is more of some color than another – that’s on purpose.  Each Birch Bluff carton will contain 4 packs of GREY wrap (33%);  4 packs in CLEAR wrap (33%); 2 packs in PINK wrap (17%); and 2 packs in TEAL wrap (17%).  Try to maintain that ratio throughout the course of your project or you will end up with a lot of one tone left over and not enough of another!  But even if you don’t take out all the stone first, try to mix the contents of the cartons as you go to assure a good mix of color.
  • When installing, be sure to stagger the vertical seams (like brick). That will result in the most natural appearance!  These videos might help:
  • Breakage – keep in mind that you will probably need to cut a lot anyway during the course of your project, so you can set any broken pieces aside to use when you need to cut the AirStone.  Although you can certainly use a hacksaw to cut them, for larger projects, it goes faster if you have a power saw (do this outside, it will generate a lot of dust.  Use a masonry blade, and start the cut on the face of the stone).

Using these tips and the instructions, installation went seamlessly! It was really not difficult at all. The trickiest part for us was deciding the pattern and sizes for the best appearance. The cuts were simple to make and the adhesive was easy to use – not messy at all. The completed wall looks absolutely gorgeous! We are very happy with how smoothly the whole process was and love the natural appearance of the stone. It adds so much interest to our bathroom. The birch bluff colors (white, gray, light beige) match perfectly with our gray, white, and black french country farmhouse style. Now I’m trying to figure out where else in the house I want to use it!

The wall took us about 6 hours spread over the course of a week. I am certain we could have finished it in one day; however, with two young kids, work, and other activities, we were only able to work on it an hour or two a day. That is another great feature of this product – it is super easy to do piecemeal.

For the rest of the remodel, we continued the Sherwin Williams Light French Gray paint from the living room and hallway into the bathroom. To save money, I painted all of the wood trim white (2 coats Kilz/1 coat trim paint) instead of replacing it. Similarly, I painted the bathroom vanity mirror with white chalk paint (it was metal with ugly rust marks!) and the wood of the sink vanity. I did this with the same exact color and method as painting our fireplace tile. The only difference was I added a finishing coat of Varathane to protect it from scratches/stains. We replaced the sink top because, well, there’s not much you can do to change a clam shell! haha

The remaining renovations were adding finishing touches such as cabinet pulls, faucet, new towels, etc. Just something creative but simple like the toilet paper holder I found for our bathroom or the pendant lights can “make” the room. You can find all of the items we used below. These simple changes make such a difference in completing the room.French Country bathroom, farmhouse bathroom, gray white bathroom, AirStone accent wallFrench Country bathroom, farmhouse bathroom, gray white bathroom, AirStone accent wall


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