The Best Artificial Christmas Tree

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Growing up, we always had a real Christmas tree. It was so much fun getting bundled up, traveling to the farm, and helping to find “the perfect tree.” So when my husband and I decided to buy an artificial tree this year, it HAD to be the closest to real as it could get (without breaking the budget)!

Amazon wasn’t really the first place I thought of to purchase an artificial tree but since 99% of my shopping comes from there, I figured why not do a quick search. About five minutes later, I found THE best artificial Christmas tree. The National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights was the one I was envisioning. It was more than I wanted to spend (of course); however, what set this tree apart from the others was that the needles had different textures and colors. Some were dark green and smaller while others were lighter and longer. Because of this variation, the tree looks ridiculously real. It even has pinecones!

National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights, Hinged (CAP3-306-75)

the best artificial christmas tree

It is really so full and beautiful. I am extremely pleased with our decision. The tree arrived with no damage, was easy and quick to assemble, and comes with a 5 year tree/2 year light warranty. It took me approximately 2 hours to fluff but that’s because I wanted it perfect!

There was only one major issue: we missed the “real Christmas tree” scent. Sure, there are tons of plug-ins, candles, sprays, etc that try to mimic the smell but I never found one that was 100% believable until this year!! Researching the truest Christmas tree scent, I stumbled upon the Thymes Frasier Fir product line. After reading the insane reviews on how incredibly real this scent is, I figured I would try the Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser and wax melt. The reed diffuser is expensive. (They have candles, mists, hand wash, cleaning sprays, and sink sets available at lower prices.) To be honest, I only tried it because the reviews said it lasts approximately the same length of time you would go through several candles and plug-ins. I had some very high expectations after all of the glowing reviews I read and have to admit that they were accurate! Just the diffuser alone has filled my whole house with the most pleasant, fresh, you-just-walked-into-a-Christmas-tree-forest heavenly scent. It is a strong, clean smell but not overpowering at all. I cannot wait to try their other scents. They have other holiday ones such as Gingerbread, Hot Cocoa, and Simmered Cider. Additionally, there are many other regular scents offered for use throughout the rest of the year. I have had the diffuser and wax melt for about 3 weeks now. The diffuser is still going strong. The wax melt lasted about 2 days, depending on how long you let it burn.french country christmas decor, farmhouse christmas decor, best artificial christmas treefrench country christmas decor, farmhouse christmas decor, best artificial christmas tree

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